The Basaksehir City Hospital set to make Istanbul “the capital of healthcare”


The first introductory meeting for the Basaksehir City Hospital, which is under construction by Ronesans Healthcare Investment jointly with Japan’s Sojitz under a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model, was hosted by Istanbul PPP Healthcare Investment Inc.

Once opened, the Basaksehir City Hospital will make both Istanbul and Turkey a “healthcare hub” and be recognized as the “World’s Largest Seismically Isolated Building” with 2,068 seismic isolators to be installed in its main hospital building.

“Just One Year To Grand Opening”

The construction works at the Başakşehir City Hospital Project have been underway with the use of a series of world exemplary equipment and technologies. The construction of the Başakşehir City Hospital, which is being built by Ronesans Healthcare Investment, one of the largest Turkish players in its field, jointly with Japan’s Sojitz, will be completed in the following one year period,, hitting a record level of completion time in 33 months.

Once completed in 2020, the hospital, which is built under a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model and supported by nine global financial institutions, including Japan’s state-run JBIC bank and NEXI, a Japanese insurance corporation owned by the Japanese state, for a 203,75 billion Japanese Yen investment, will be one of  the most distinguished healthcare complexes of the world.

Having already become one of the world’s most prestigious healthcare investment projects, the Basaksehir City Hospital was recognized as the “PPP Deal of the Year” at the highly prestigious Thomson Reuters’ Project Finance International Awards for its financial closure.

The Basaksehir City Hospital, which is set to serve 32,700 patients on daily basis with its 2,682 bed capacity in total and an indoor construction area of 1 million square meters, will provide services not only to Istanbul, but also to the neighboring region. Among the most significant features of the hospital is that it has been being built to evade the earthquake risks on healthcare services. Equipped with world-class cutting-edge isolators, the Istanbul Basaksehir City Hospital will be able to seamlessly carry out all its operations, even during and after the most severe earthquake scenarios. Once completed, the hospital will make Istanbul a “healthcare hub” as the “World’s Largest Seismically Isolated Building” with 2,068 seismic isolators to be installed in its main hospital building.

“We are exporting a key healthcare experience”

Elaborating the details about the project, Ronesans Healthcare Investments Chairman Of The Board Kamil Yanıkömeroğlu said: “We are proud of completing a majority part of our project together with our distinguished business partner Sojitz in the framework of the Turkish Ministry of Health PPP Program. The Basaksehir City Hospital, which will be the largest hospitals of the world, is set to offer the most advanced healthcare services to everyone. Once completed by 2020, the hospital will play a crucial role in making Istanbul “the capital of healthcare” of our region.”

Saying that they would carry their healthcare and medical construction experiences abroad, Kamil Yanıkömeroğlu added: “In line with an agreement with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), as Ronesans, we are working on a joint project which encompasses the construction of 15 training and research hospitals in the universities across Russia.”

10,000 jobs

The hospital project, which creates jobs to 6,000 people on monthly basis only during its construction process, will make a significant contribution to fostering the qualified employment in the region. The Basaksehir City Hospital is planned to employ 4,300 medical staff, 4,050 services staff and 810 administration staff, thus becoming a healthcare complex which offers jobs to 10,000 people in total. The hospital, which will have a General Hospital with a 2,354 bed capacity, a Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital with a 128 bed capacity and a Psychiatry Hospital of 128 bed capacity, will also play a locomotive role in meeting the healthcare needs of the people from other provinces. Nearly 23 million people are expected to benefit the services from the Basaksehir City Hospital on annual basis.

Non-stop service even in case of earthquake

The Basaksehir City Hospital aims at becoming a hub to meet the healthcare needs of Istanbul, one of the key mega cities of the world, with its bed capacity in a large volume, its latest technological infrastructure and its in-built earthquake isolators. Equipped with world-class 2,068 cutting-edge isolators, the Istanbul Basaksehir City Hospital will be able to seamlessly carry out all its operations, even during and after the most severe earthquake scenarios.

The medical surgeries will be performed by the Da Vinci surgical systems, which are very rare in Turkey. It will also rank among a handful of institutions that feature the state-of-the-art radiation oncology technologies such as Cyberknife and Thomotherapy as well as Hybrid MRI Operating Rooms that enable radiological imaging during surgery.

The completed Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge (3rd bridge crossing the Bosphorus), TEM access roads, and the planned subway route will ensure that the best healthcare services will be provided not only to the local communities but also to the residents of the city of Istanbul in the fastest and most comfortable way.

$4.3 billion worth investment until 2020

Being built in the framework of the “the Healthcare Transformation Program”, which is considered the biggest healthcare initiative by Turkey, and realized based on the PPP model, modern city hospitals are rapidly spreading across the country. Ronesans Healthcare Investments plays a key role in this initiative.

Ronesans Holding aims at reaching 9,500 bed capacity in total with its city hospital projects in Adana, Yozgat, Elazig and Bursa as well as the Basaksehir City Hospital Project, which is planned to be completed in 2020. In the framework of the PPP model, the company will build health complexes on a total area of 3.2 million square meters worth of $4.3 billion by 2020.

The Basaksehir City Hospital in Numbers

  • Construction area of 1 million square meters
  • 2,068 seismic isolators
  • 2,682 bed capacity
  • 32,700 patients to be served on daily basis
  • 10,000 new jobs, including 4,300 medical jobs, 4,050 services jobs and 810 administrative jobs